Planning Applications

New planning applications are a standing item on the agenda for monthly Parish Council meetings. The Parish Council is not delegated by law to make final decisions on planning applications, but is invited to submit comments to the District Council (The Planning Authority).

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee which means the planning authority circulates new planning applications to the parish clerk. The Parish Council then has the option to comment by the deadline. The Parish Council is not obliged to comment, but if it so decides, the clerk forwards the agreed comment after council meetings.

Delegation to the clerk

In circumstances where the deadline for the receipt of comments on a new application falls before the date of the next council meeting, the clerk is delegated under special powers to circulate details to councillors separate from a council meeting to invite comment. The clerk collates the final comment that the council agrees by email and forwards this to the planning authority by the deadline.

The Planning Authority

Stroud District Council is the planning authority. Their website includes pre-planning application advice, planning applications including details of comments submitted, and planning policies.

New Planning Policies

In 2020 the government initiated a fairly fundamental review of strategic planning policies that will affect the way planning decisions are made in the longer term future. These proposals are currently out to consultation with various bodies. The Parish Council is kept regularly informed of such new proposals through its own advisory bodies and considers and submits comments if appropriate.

Affordable Housing Proposal 2015

In response to a proposal to build 11 affordable & 11 open market homes on a rural exception site (Hillesley) by Piper Homes/ERHA, a public consultation was held on 2 December 2015 and was attended by approximately 90+ people. Written responses were collected from residents during and after the consultation.

2013 Housing Needs Survey

In November 2012 Hillesley and Tresham Parish Council agreed to engage the services of the Rural Housing Enabler to carry out a local Housing Needs Survey. The Parish Council agreed to distribute the questionnaires to all residential properties in Hillesley and Tresham Parish in February 2013.

Parish Plan 2011: A Vision for the Future

At the October 2009 Parish Council meeting, it was decided to initiate work on developing a Parish Plan. A Parish Plan is an evolving document produced by the community for the community which sets out a vision for the future. The Parish Plan was formally adopted by the Parish Council on 2nd February 2011 and launched at the annual parish meeting on the 6th April 2011.

Parish Plan 2012 Update

In November 2012, a short update on the parish plan was published which addresses progress and next steps.